Like many people, I’ve been involved in my fair share of network marketing and other online businesses over the years. I’m one of the 99% of people though who aren’t entirely comfortable ‘selling’ someone else’s business or product to others, so those businesses which enable you to earn an income without having to recruit, build, manage and motivate a big team are the ones I’ve tended to focus on.

Many online businesses aren’t great however at providing effective marketing material, which is why, a couple of years back, I ended up building a few marketing sites myself. Soon I was being asked for replica sites and before long I was selling them online. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before the two businesses I’d built the sites for collapsed and disappeared and my fledgling marketing site business died with them. Well not completely …

Along the way I’d come across all sorts of people marketing products that taught you some type of online skill – email marketing, autoresponders, list building, traffic generation, SEO, Youtube ranking, Social Media, Adwords/Adsense, Pay Per Click advertising, Facebook Ads, Blogging, etc, etc. An endless list, and every combination packaged up into ‘Ultimate guide to xxxx’ and ‘Done for you’ sort of product suites. Most of those online marketers were selling other people’s products to their mailing lists but the smarter ones were, and still are, creating their own products and using various affiliate marketing methods to reach large numbers of potential buyers.

Some of them were making serious money and it reminded me of that old Yukon Gold Rush story where 99% of gold prospectors never made anything, but some other guys made a fortune selling shovels, picks, clothing and maps i.e. selling the tools and information that everyone else needed to go digging for gold.

So here I am in January 2017, doing OK from my 9-5 IT consultancy work and making a consistent passive income from two long standing online businesses – one involving Bitcoin/crypto-currency mining and the other is based around social media and online advertising.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well back in early 2016 I had this idea about a pretty unique online product which ties in with that social media/advertising company. I designed and built the main functionality to prove it could work, but it was pretty clear to me though that although I knew a reasonable amount about online marketing, I’d no real idea how to effectively pull all the required skills together to properly package and market it.

So off I went searching for someone who’d been there and done it successfully many times before and found John Nicholson. His ‘Partnership to Success’ program aims to take anyone through the process of developing an online presence, researching, identifying and developing a new product package, and launching it into the online marketplace.

Setting up a blog is one of the first parts of the course and so here it is. Over the next weeks and months, this blog will develop and expand as the course progresses. I’m aiming to provide a commentary on the course in the ‘P2S’ (Partnership To Success) section and in due course, also set up and post in other sections about the products I’m using and how they’ve helped with my other businesses.

So please follow my blog and watch how everything develops. You never know… you might pick up a few things you could use yourself along the way.