Hi there – so here’s a short history of me and my family…

I’m Dave Wakefield and I’ve been married to Gill for 29 years. We’ve got three children – Charlotte 26, Ben 23 & Ellie 19 – and also have couple of mad cairn terrier sisters called Daisy & Boo.

Charlotte’s an actress and has landed some great lead West End and UK/European touring musical theatre roles. Few bits of TV, film and straight acting roles in the mix too. Ben is Mr. Action man – ski instructor, white water rafting guide & karate instructor. He’s spent the last 4 years working around the world and is now back ski instructing in Canada. Ellie’s a residential student at The Fortune Centre For Riding Therapy – the most fantastic college you could imagine for people with learning difficulties who have a love for horses. Look it up!

We’re just in the process of moving house, so that’ll keep Gill and I busy, but above all we really enjoy our holidays and travelling the world. We’ve been to all sorts of places around Europe, plus Egypt, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, The Philippines, Maldives, Caribbean, US & Canada, but there are plenty more places on our list though.

I enjoy playing golf and tennis and while a reasonable standard in both, like most people, I can be great one day and rubbish the next. The odd flashes of brilliance give me the faint hope of being able to play consistently well – if only I had the time to play and practice a lot more.

I’ve worked in IT all my working life, and for the last 28 years have run my own IT consultancy business. Most of the time I work on UK-based contracts for banks and insurance companies, designing and developing computer systems and performing business intelligence & data analysis roles.

I’ve also been involved with a number of online businesses over the years and have got to know some pretty amazing people. It seems pretty clear to me that those people with the right sort internet marketing skills and knowledge of how to apply them are going to be greatly in demand for a long time to come. Even better if you know how to teach those skills to others and know the right businesses to which those skills can be applied. And the best thing is that with the right online know-how, you can work from anywhere any time.

My aim over the next couple of years then is to continue developing my online businesses and my online marketing & training knowledge right alongside my IT consultancy work. Before too long, I’m aiming to finally wave goodbye to the regular UK nine-to-five work, allowing Gill and I to live, travel and earn anywhere in the world.