Course structure

Obviously I can’t publish specific details about the course material, but what I’m aiming to do is provide an ongoing commentary as I work my way through it, week by week. Hope you join me on the journey…

The main part of course is delivered via a WordPress-based membership site. In there, you’re first invited to book yourself in on a ‘Welcome webinar’ where John walks you through the member’s area, explains how everything works and answers any questions you may have.

You activate the weekly training schedule and are invited to join the private P2S Facebook group. It’s great to be able to get in touch with other past and present P2S course members, get questions answered and hear about their success stories. There’s also a map showing the geographical location of all the P2S members around the world. I live near Manchester in the UK so it was good to see that there are a few other members pretty close by. No doubt I’ll arrange to meet up with them at some point.

The training is split into six phases with a total of 40 weekly sets of video based tutorials with lots of other supporting material.

  1. Building an online presence
  2. Product creation
  3. Building your own Membership site
  4. Creating sales pages
  5. Product sales set up and launch
  6. Post launch activity

Every two weeks John and his team also run live webinars to give a behind the scenes look at his business and the businesses of other members, to chat about related topics, product launches, affiliate campaigns and to answer questions.

I’m now at the point where I’ve got my domain, I’ve set up a blog and have written these initial posts – which was all part of the week 1 and 2 training, so I’ll start by going over what I’ve learned and done already…


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