How to make Google find blogs you can interact with

As a blog writer, you’re hoping that your content really resonates with your niche market and that over time, you’re going to build a substantial following with tens if not hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The quality of your content is critical, but so too is knowledge of the best methods to use get your blog seen by those you want to connect with.

One method that’s often recommended is for you to find other blogs targeting the same or similar niche areas. If your comments are interesting and relevant, then readers make click through to your own blog, like your own content and subscribe. But how do you find the best blogs to read, ones which are popular and ones which you know will allow comments?

Did you know that there’s an advanced Google search command that can help you do exactly that?

If you include inurl:xxx in the search query, Google restricts the results to those pages which have the word xxx in the url. As we’re only interested in blog sites, the chances are that the blog page has the word ‘blog’ in it, so inurl:blog is the start of what we need.

Ideally you don’t want blog sites where you have to register and log in before you can leave comments and you don’t want sites where commenting has been disabled. So because blog sites which make these restrictions use specific phrases to make users aware of that, you can also specify to omit those pages from the search results too.

So to find blog sites about internet marketing which we can comment on without having to log in, we need:

inurl:blog  “internet marketing” “post a comment”  -“comments closed”  -“you must be logged in”

which translates as:

Find site pages with the word ‘blog’ in the url, which have the phrases “internet marketing” or “post a comment” on the page, but don’t have the phrases “comments closed” or “you must be logged in”.

Google returns results in the order of what it considers to be important so you can be fairly sure that those near the top are the most popular, the most heavily used blog sites which relate to “internet marketing” or what subject you’ve specified.

So go find your own niche blogs and start

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