The ‘Partnership to Success’ program

This is my first post charting my new online journey with John Thornhill’s ‘Partnership to Success’ program.

Taking a step by step approach and using a mixture of online, group and one-to-one personal coaching, I’m following in the path taken by hundreds of previous P2S members. I’m going to be learning from scratch how to develop my own online presence, how to create, prepare and market my own online products and how to build up an affiliate & subscriber network. And do that in a way which properly lays the foundations for a long term involvement in online business.

As I’ve said, although I know a few parts of the jigsaw, I’ve never really been taught is how to pull all the pieces together to build my own properly structured, profitable, long term online business. One where I’m fully in control and one whose success isn’t reliant on income from some other online business which might just disappear. This time it’ll be down to me and how well I learn and implement what the P2S course teaches.

I’ll get started…

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