Week 4 – Social Media Links

As well as reading your blog, you want people to be able to connect with you via any of the other social media platforms that you use. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+ etc.

You can easily find icons for all these on the web but John’s already found set that are all the same size and look OK together and they can be downloaded from the training site. WordPress has a simple upload page to make them available for placing on your blog.

To add them to the sidebar you need to edit a text file that John supplies which contains some HTML code. It’s very simple code which that John supplies, which for each social media platform, defines where the icon is stored and the URL that is displayed on a new tab when the icon is clicked. It looks something like this and the videos show you how to find the right links:

<a href=”YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE URL” target=”_blank”>

That’s repeated for each platform, so for me for that’s just Facebook and LinkedIn at this stage. Please click the icons and connect with me.

I use Skype but linking to a Skype profile from a WordPress blog is a more complicated set up that I’ll get to at a later date. I’ve got a twitter account and a YouTube channel account but don’t really use either of those yet. Pretty sure that’s going to change over the next few months and I know I can come back then and add them in.

More blog post writing too… See Weeks 5 and 6 posts to find out why.

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