Week 5 – Blog Networking

Soon I’ll be applying to Google for an Adsense account so I can start monetising this blog. Adsense gives website owners the chance to earn money by displaying relevant ads on your site.

As part of the application verification, your blog site is checked primarily for volume and quality of content, but another factor is the amount of engagement your getting from your blog readers. By providing a commentary on this blog course and how it ties in with my past experiences, I’m generating the necessary blog post volume and I hope  visitors are finding my content an interesting read.

At the time of writing this post though, there haven’t been many visitors to be frank. However, all that should change once I’ve installed the P2S’s own blog networking widget. Everyone taking the P2S course has been here and needs visitors so the P2S guys created a widget that would display links to the blogs belonging to a random ten other P2S members. The idea is that each of us should regularly visit each other’s blogs, reading and leaving good quality post comments to get the ball rolling. Really helpful and you can learn a lot from reading other people’s experiences and the style and content of their sites. Of course our visitors can link over to other P2S blogs too and that all helps.

In John’s experience, Adsense applications get rejected if there’s too little content and as a guide suggests that your blog has at least 10 posts in it before applying. A few more for me write before I apply then…

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