Week/Step 6 – Monetizing your blog

Ads are now an integral part of most commercial websites because they’re an effective way for sites with large amounts of traffic to earn money with hardly any additional effort. Google’s Adsense is just one of the advertising programs that supplies adverts to sites, it’s free to use and so is a favourite with new sites, including blogs, which are looking to make a few extra bucks.

When you apply for an Adsense account, Google scans your site/blog for content and realistically, new blog sites need to have about 10 substantial posts on them to qualify for an account and as this is my tenth, I should be OK. Your site will continue to be scanned over time so Adsense can get better and better at matching the available Ads to your content and therefore to the interests of your readers.

Google always wins though. It gets paid every time an Ad is displayed on any site, and generally speaking, you get paid a very small amount, e.g. per 1000 Ad impressions.

This week’s videos take you through the Adsense application process and then guides you through the installation of a neat little add-on which when connected to your Adsense account controls the Ad size, type, positioning and loading of the adverts on your blog.

What many other bloggers say though is that in the early days of your blog you simplify won’t have enough traffic to generate any meaningful income and plastering each page with Ads might actually put some people off. It’s also worth noting that if you apply for an Adsense account before you have what they determine to be substantial content, you run the risk of getting your application turned down and then it can be difficult to get that decision changed later, even when your blog has matured and is getting decent traffic. I recognise all that and since what’s most important to me now is attracting readers and subscribers, I’m going to skip getting an Adsense account until later on.

What I could do now, even in the early life of my blog is include banner Ads for online products that I can earn a commission when they’re sold through my own personalised link. People develop and sell their own products online but the largest volume of a product’s sales invariably comes from affiliates – people with their own lists and marketing expertise who sell the product on to their own people and get to keep a percentage of the sale price.

ClickBank & JVZoo are perhaps the biggest online product marketplace sites and using their software, product owners can use them to handle the payments on their product sales pages, define an affiliate commission structure and the system looks after all the sales, product delivery, affiliate commission sales, chargebacks etc administration for you. Very neat.

One of John’s flagship products is ‘Simple Traffic Solutions’ and the sale of that is handled by ClickBank. Simple Traffic Solutions (STS) shows you all the tips and tricks John has used over the years to get masses of free traffic to his blog & to his product marketing sites and is a must read for anyone new to online marketing.

The two remaining videos in this weeks lessons take you through registering for a ClickBank account (free), how to apply to be an STS affiliate and then how to load and position the STS banner ads anywhere on your site. You should see an STS banner Ad in the side bar on the right.

Go click it get the full info on STS – invaluable information that’ll save you wasting hours of time & probably hundreds of dollars on other methods that don’t really work.

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